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LocateNTrack – Automobile Monitoring System

Standard systems for vanilla VTS In auto gadget

A GPS and GSM / GPRS enabled embedded microcontroller withoptionalSD card / USB for storage abilities is applied for capturing the real-time site and transferring them to the server.
The device operates on auto battery with necessary defense from voltage / recent surge turn off geofence iphone
. It also has battery backup.
In case of theft the automobile might be immobilized remotely.
Help for exterior antennas for far better range and accuracy.
Fast SMS and electronic mail alerts in case any undesired events or unexpected emergency predicaments.


World-wide-web software

Internet software is sued for reside checking of products relocating close to.
Rich graphical consumer interface will make system utilization a classic working experience.
It presents you with current spots, route trace, andtravel history of the motor vehicle.
In addition, it offers alerts in case of geo-fence violation (you can mark boundaries alongside a street or else you can have a area-wise fencing) and overspending alerts.

VTS add-ons

Only motor vehicle tracking isn’t enough in the majority of with the conditions. Enhanced variations of VTS also gives subsequent worth additional expert services to cater to certain necessity of transportation fleet proprietors.


May be used be day-to-day vacationers (bus or cabs) for authentication of vacationers. Each and every passenger is provided with a RFID card plus the VTS is set up with RFID reader. This assists in finding genuine time place details of every passenger. Location details of the place a passenger was picked up and dropped are provided. This is the beloved of the BPO companies to make certain protection of girls workers remaining picked up and dropped during the night.

Fuel degree sensor

Will help in checking fuel utilization. The web application supplies gasoline usage statistics for a given stretch of time. Standard gas sensors will not be really precise and typically this function fails to deliver great accuracy. Some even further experimentation is remaining completed during this location but the majority of the present-day implementation only provide an indication of gasoline utilization and virtually are unable to be applied to detect theft of number of liters of fuel.

Temperature keep track of

Monitoring cargo temperature is incredibly critical for keeping the foodstuff top quality for the duration of transport. This alternative is very employed when carrying milk, ice creams, fresh vegatables and fruits, and any load from chilly storages. If for some cause the drivers materialize to show off the ACCOUNT (commonly to save lots of petrol) as well as temperature rises further than suitable degree, fast notification is distributed for the fleet owner. Also minute-by-minute temperature record is recorded during the device (and within the internet server) as a result ensuring no conflicts amongst the carrier and the consumer. This answer is very well-known from the cold storage logistics businesses.

Digital camera

A camera is usually integrated with VTS to periodically transfer nevertheless images into the website server. This will help in figuring out the motive force and no person can cheat auto homeowners anymore. Normally driver’s image is sent the moment a moment into the server consequently making sure that there is no proxy-driver. This remedy is well-known with all the bus / taxi house owners with significant fleets which can be in towns apart from their residence town.

Operational problems

Precision of GPS

Typical GPS receivers give an precision of 10 to 15 meters vertically and about twenty meters horizontally. GPS receivers typically involve locking of 4 satellites for getting legitimate data. Precision boosts with boost inside the range of satellites locked. The caliber of GPS sign depends around the state of environment, the two its higher (e.g. ionosphere) as well as the decreased layer that influences the weather conditions ailments. Often, on cloudy and humid days the GPS receivers may have issues with calculating its placement.

Start out up time

In the event the unit boots up right after an influence down cycle it usually takes a few minutes to acquire the coordinates. This can be technically referred as ‘Cold Start’ where the GPS receiver does not have valid almanac and ephemeris. It usually requires time and energy to acquire legitimate almanac and ephemeris details. After the data is received it can be saved in RAM and may be further more applied to acquire details promptly. If electrical power management is implemented and gadget wakes up immediately after periodic time interval to capture spots, the time required to get destinations is in 10’s of seconds. This can be technically referred as ‘Hot or Heat Start’; listed here the GPS receiver has legitimate almanac and ephemeris data stored in RAM and only communicates with all the satellite to get coordinates.

No GPS connectivity in mountainous locations

If for a few good reasons the GPS receiver are unable to lock necessary range of satellites, site data are unable to be attained, in these cases there may be partial loss of facts. There is no remedy to this kind of situations, given that the resource by itself are unable to present necessary info; nevertheless, these are typically exceptionally scarce.

No GSM / GPRS in distant destinations

It’s a nicely acknowledged indisputable fact that the many areas in the world do this have GSM / GPRS assistance obtainable. In this kind of case the acquired GPS site data are stored within the device and after GPRS community is accessible the saved facts can be transferred to the server. This basically implies the monitoring device should have sizeable storage potential to keep few 1000’s of site aspects. Some answers present GSM (SMS) to transfer the information in absence of GPRS connectivity. This allows in having real-time info at places with GSM connectivity but no or weak GPRS sign. A few options also offer twin SIM features to make certain that connectivity hampered only in circumstances in which none of the two assistance companies can offer you any company. This is often quite helpful in India!

Frequency of knowledge logging

Data logging frequency from GPS module is as reduced as 5 seconds to jiffy. Commonly 5 seconds is required in very couple instances. Details sampling costs ordinarily varies for every necessity. Tracking methods typically can set this duration easily making use of website interface or SMS.

Defining Geo-fences

Geo-fencing is definitely an very vital characteristic that all monitoring methods ‘HAVE TO’ present. Usual options offer circular geo-fencing that could raise alerts if the car or truck moves away from a region. However for containers or high benefit items transport it is incredibly necessary to use a boundary drawn throughout the road. This type of geo-fencing alongside with stoppage stories just about removes any theft of excellent. Defining a geo-fence together a boundary might be a painstaking exercise; no consumer interface can definitely provide an fulfilling knowledge to outline a geo-fence adjoining to your street. In such instances, reference operates can be used for fencing the streets promptly and with least consumer attempts.

Environmental impacts

Heat, vibrations, dusty circumstances loose connections and other open up natural environment complications have an effect on monitoring motor vehicles competently. It can be really required to put in a properly examined / enclosed machine, primarily on India roads which might be not only rough but in addition bumpy occasionally!

Price tag of GSM / GPRS support

This is a myth that using GPRS for car monitoring programs is an very highly-priced affair. However, various providers providers in India present with information programs specially meant for auto monitoring purposes having a every month hire of as low as fifty RS (significantly less than the usual dollar)!

Willful sabotage

GPS antenna wire slash or taken out

When another person cuts a GPS antenna or removes it bodily for bad intentions, the device can perception that speedily and notify the server by means of GPRS or GSM. The server application sends an instant notification for the anxious persons in type of SMS. The product can certainly distinguish concerning no satellites locked or no information in the slightest degree, which nullifies the possibility of wrong alarms.

GSM antenna wire slice or removed

This is a pretty challenging circumstance exactly where the product can perform almost nothing but log the data alongside with date time stamp and each time there is connectivity (antenna is connected yet again)sends it as an alarm. This kind of sabotage can’t be detected in real-time, on the other hand the data despatched later on can be used for post-mortem assessment.

Energy wire minimize deliberately

If the electricity wire is reduce the equipment run on battery. They send an instantaneous mains are unsuccessful sign on the server which than propagates this information and facts to worried folks. The modern working day gadgets are smart enough to tell apart involving electric power reduce and engine off cases.

Temperature sensors tampered or wire lower

In temperature delicate container monitoring if optimal or needed temperatures will not be taken care of huge losses can incur. Drivers plan to flip from the engine to avoid wasting on gasoline expenses. The temperature sensors can immediately perception that and deliver notifications to server. To prevent this, the motorists may possibly minimize off the temperature sensor wires. When some thing like this comes about the system can feeling the sabotage swiftly and notify the server via GPRS or GSM. The server application sends an instant notification to the worried individuals in method of SMS.

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